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Anthony Davis Is 2-25 vs. Stephen Curry In His Career: 1-18 In The Regular Season, 1-7 In The Playoffs

Anthony Davis Is 2-25 vs. Stephen Curry In His Career 1-18 In The Regular Season, 1-17 In The Playoffs

Every player has his kryptonite. For some reason, it seems like there's always another star who has their number and constantly finds a way of beating him. It even happened to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls with Isiah Thomas and the Detroit Pistons.

Well, apparently, Redditor /siriacha82 has found Anthony Davis' biggest weakness, which is a lot to say considering we're talking about an all-time great that's definitely going to make it to the Hall of Fame once it's all said and done.

Davis is a flawless player. He can put the ball on the floor, create for others, post-up, catch-and-shoot, knock down shots from all three levels, and lockdown the paint with his rim protection skills. Yet, he just can't seem to be able to beat Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors.

According to Land Of Basketball's database, Anthony Davis is actually 2/25 all-time when he has to face Stephen Curry and the Warriors. He's 1/18 in the regular season and 1/7 in the playoffs, including three 20+ comeback wins for the Dubs.

In all fairness, we also have to clarify that most of those games came when the Golden State Warriors were the most dominant team in the league and Davis was pretty much alone in the New Orleans Pelicans.

Sadly for him, he couldn't shake off that dominance with the Los Angeles Lakers either, as not only they wasted a 19-point to the Warriors a couple of nights ago, but also Curry hit yet another huge clutch shot over him to seal the win for Steve Kerr's team.

Who knows? Perhaps we'll get to see a Lakers-Warriors matchup in this year's playoffs and Davis will have the chance to get the last laugh vs. the greatest shooter of all time. For now, Steph has all the bragging rights in this rivalry.