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Anthony Davis Is Reportedly Waiting To See How The Lakers Roster Will Look Before Re-Signing

(via Basketball Forever)

(via Basketball Forever)

Anthony Davis is considered a lock to re-sign with the LA Lakers this offseason. In the aftermath of a successful season, in which the Lakers gave Davis everything he could have dreamed, nobody is giving a second thought to the idea that he won't re-sign with the team before the start of the 2020-21 season.

But with NBA free agency now into its third night, questions are rising as to why the NBA Champion has yet to sign a contract with the Purple and Gold.

As the rumors persist, one league insider hinted that Davis is merely waiting to see how the Lakers build their roster this offseason before determining what type of contract he'll agree to.

Over the past couple of weeks, the Lakers have made a number of notable removes -- including trading for Dennis Schroder, signing Wes Matthews and Montrezl Harrell, and re-signing wing shooter, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

Davis, 27, wants to sign on to a situation that will keep him on top for years to come. And while the Lakers are expected to make a strong run for a repeat in 2021, many wonder how much longer they'll be able to maintain that level of play, especially with LeBron James showing signs of slowing down.

It is likely that if Davis doesn't feel confident about LA's long-term future, he could look to sign a short-term contract, extending about 1-2 years.

Of course, Rob Pelinka and the Lakers will look to convince him to commit for longer -- so talks may continue well into Thanksgiving week.