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Anthony Davis On Free Agency: "Over The Next Couple Of Months, We’ll Figure It Out. I’m Not 100% Sure.”

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

In the wake of the Los Angeles Lakers championship, there are already some questions that need to be answered for their fans. One of them regards Anthony Davis and his future with the franchise. AD had a terrific first season with the Lakers, becoming a top 5 player in the league thanks to his performances, elevating his value on the market.

Earlier this year, he rejected a four-year contract extension with the Lakers and decided to enter free agency. Following Game 6 of the Finals, Davis addressed his impending free agency, telling reporters that he'll try to 'figure out' things before making a final decision.

“I have no idea,” Anthony Davis said. “I had a great time in LA this year. It’s been nothing but joy and amazement. Over the next couple of months, we’ll figure it out. I’m not 100% sure.”

In the past, AD was linked with a couple of teams around the association, including the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat, the Lakers' rivals in the Finals. After putting a tremendous season with the purple and gold, Davis' value is bigger than ever and pretty much every team in the league would be thrilled to have him on the roster. However, this seems pretty unlikely to happen.

AD meshed pretty well with LeBron James, they are the best duo in the league and unless something extraordinary happens, nobody believes Davis will leave Southern California in the offseason.