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Anthony Davis On LeBron James: “I Think Being In That Spotlight Alongside Bron Helped Make Me A Better Player."

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(via Trendsmap)

Anthony Davis and LeBron James have created a terrific duo in Los Angeles, taking the Lakers to the promised land for the first time in 10 years last season, when they beat the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals that took place in the Orlando bubble.

Davis is finally an NBA champion and he's not stopping there. The Brow is just entering his best years and he's ready to dominate the league alongside James for the next two years, at least. Talking with Jovan Buha of The Athletic, AD revealed he's very happy with his current situation but he wants to go for more.

In an interview with The Athletic ahead of his first Super Bowl commercial — the premise of the Michelob Ultra ad, which also features Serena Williams, Peyton Manning and Brooks Koepka, centers on the slogan, “Do you win because you are happy? Or are you happy because you win?” — Davis said his first season with the Lakers, capped by winning the 2019-20 championship in the Orlando bubble, was everything he envisioned it would be.

“I’m very happy,” Davis said over Zoom when asked to answer the commercial’s proposition. “This has been a fresh start (in Los Angeles). I think the answer to the question can go both ways, but I definitely won last year because I was happy.”

Moreover, he talked about the impact of LeBron James on his career. They've been friends for a long time now and the Lakers had the chance to pair them in 2019 in a blockbuster trade. Davis has credited LeBron for his success, stating that the King made him a better player.

“I think being in that spotlight alongside Bron helped make me a better player,” Davis said.

He also revealed that he's trying to improve his passing skills and is asking questions to Marc Gasol and LBJ. Back in his youth, he was a point guard; it wasn't until his growth spurt that he became a power forward, but AD wants to take his game to the next level.

“I just ask them questions,” Davis told The Athletic. “Some of the plays that those two guys make, it’s unbelievable for me. It’s unreal. Especially for Marc because he’s a bigger guy. There’s a handful of bigs that can actually make those passes: him, (Nikola) Jokic, Draymond (Green).”

“The next step in my development is being able to make those passes,” Davis said. “I’m getting there. It’s all about timing and trust.”

The player knows what he can do to be better and he's willing to take any step to meet his goal. Davis has been one of the best players in the league for some time now and his association with the Lakers is expected to be very beneficial for both parties. Although LeBron James is still the best player on the Lakers, Davis is ready to take the reins of the team in the next seasons.