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Anthony Davis On Who's The GOAT: "I’m From Chicago So I Love Michael Jordan. All I Can Say Is That It’s A Tough-Ass Debate. Like You Really Gotta, We Gotta Speak Facts. And He Definitely Made A Case For Himself By Winning This Championship Tonight.”

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Just like LeBron James did, Anthony Davis addressed the never-ending GOAT debate between his teammate and Michael Jordan, widely regarded as the best player to ever set foot on an NBA court. Following LeBron's fourth championship, he talked about the comparisons with Jordan, leaving the debates to the fans and media members, expressing his love for MJ and all the things he means for James' career.

“That’s not for me to question or wonder or debate. For me personally, I have a way that I play the game. I have a way that I lead. I have a way that I challenge my guys and myself…we call it barbershop talk,” LeBron James said on the never-ending debate.

“You guys know how much I love Michael Jordan. I wear No. 23 because of Michael Jordan. When I first got my first pair of Jordans, you couldn’t tell me nothin’. So, ya’ll can do the debates. Ya’ll can figure that out.”

This question was complex for AD. He had to pick between his teammate and friend and the guy that took Chicago's basketball to the next level. Having grown in the Windy City, AD knows how important Jordan was and still is in the city. Davis just said Bron is different than His Airness, stating that is a hard debate to settle since both players are great.

"He different,” Anthony Davis said while smiling and laughing as LeBron James laughed, too.

“I’m from Chicago so I love Michael Jordan. All I can say is that it’s a tough-ass debate. Like you really gotta, we gotta speak facts. And he definitely made a case for himself by winning this championship tonight.”

James and Jordan will go down in history as two of the best and most dominant players in NBA history. At this point, who the GOAT is, seems to be a personal choice, but many people insist that LBJ is still away from reaching Jordan's level.