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Anthony Davis: 'Purple 'Til The Day I Die!'

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Anthony Davis has given NBA fans a major hint about his future in the league, confirming his commitment to the Los Angeles Lakers even after his career is over. The big man is getting ready for the NBA resumption and he's making bold claims about his future in the league and with the Lakers.

If he wants, AD will hit free agency this offseason since he hasn't signed a long-term deal with the Lakers. That was one of the biggest concerns of the team and the fans for the offseason but now the Brow has played down any rumor suggesting he could go play for a different team in the association after just one season in Los Angeles.

During Wednesday's practice, AD sent a message that made every Lakers fan go crazy.

"Purple 'til the day I die," AD appeared saying in a video.

There's been a lot of expectation around AD ever since he was traded from the New Orleans Pelicans to the Lakers last summer. The Brow has been linked with other teams in the league, including the Chicago Bulls, the New York Knicks and even the Miami Heat.

AD, however, is happy right where he is. He's been extremely helpful for the Lakers, taking the team to rule the West alongside LeBron James while some people have claimed he is in fact the best player of the team, not the King.

He is the future of the franchise and seeing him go after just one season, knowing all the talent they exchanged for AD, will be a huge blow for the Purple and Gold. There is nothing to be worried about now since Davis' message was pretty clear. He'll be a Laker until the day he dies.