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Anthony Davis' Reaction When He Was Told He Couldn't Wear #23

Anthony Davis' Reaction When He Was Told He Couldn't Wear #23

Everything looked good for Anthony Davis as soon as he was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers back in June. He was joining the team he wanted to play for and instantly made it a title contender with his arrival, there was no better scenario for him.

One of the best news he could receive was LeBron James saying he was to give his No. 23 to the Brow, but that doesn’t seem to be happening this season. Davis used the 23 throughout his whole career, and the King was planning to switch back to No. 6 so AD could keep his number, but that gesture will have to wait another season.

According to Yahoo Sports, the jersey swap won't take place next season because the request was submitted after the March 15 deadline, which was too late for Nike to give the green light. Of course, AD was hopeful to keep using his number at the Staples Center, but now he’ll wear the No. 3 jersey, as he used to in High School.

He had the chance to talk about his decision on wearing No. 3 and how he felt when Nike denied the request to switch his number.

"That was pretty hurtful. They sent me a list of numbers and I didn't know which to choose. None of them looked right so I went on 2.K. and put all the numbers on me."

Even though he won’t be wearing his regular number, Davis is keen to take the Lakers to the top spots next season, no matter which digit he will have on his back. As long as he and LeBron James give the Lakers a new title, his number won’t really matter to fans.