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Anthony Davis Reveals What LeBron James Texted Him After Trade To Lakers

(via Lakers Daily)

(via Lakers Daily)

It's no secret that the Lakers had been vying for Anthony Davis for months. They failed to secure a deal before the deadline in February, and it took weeks to get the job done in the offseason.

But when the trade finally did go down, there was a strong sense of relief from everyone involved -- LeBron James notwithstanding.

In fact, when LeBron discovered the news of Davis' arrival, he couldn't help but express his excitement. During an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live," The Brow revealed the first message he received from his new teammate following his trade to Los Angeles.

Kimmel: How quickly after you got that news did you hear from LeBron James?

Davis: Maybe like 10 minutes after? It was a long text, ‘yeah bro! We finally got you! Yeah!’ ... He was excited. That was a good feeling, just to have someone like that be one of the first people to text me.

The Lakers were at the top of Davis' wish list, and James likely played a big role in that. The 4x MVP reforged the fires of contention when he went to the Lakeshow last summer, and has always been hailed as a great teammate.

Despite a couple of notable weak points, David and James are expected to lead the Lakers though a long postseason run. Feelings of excitement and optimism have never been quite so high.

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