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Anthony Davis Reveals What Makes LeBron Such A Good Player

(via Silver Screen and Roll)

(via Silver Screen and Roll)

LeBron James and the Lakers have hit an unstoppable stride in the early part of the season. With a 12-2 record and a first-place standing in the West, there is no reason to think why they shouldn't be considered Championship favorites. Obviously, Bron has a lot to do with that.

But what is it, exactly, that makes him so darn good -- even at 34-years-old? In a chat with the media, AD revealed what makes the King's game so lethal:

(via ClutchPoints)

“He’s a great late passer,” Davis said of LeBron. “When you think he’s going to finish, he’s passing the ball to an open man. He had one in the other day when we are probably like two feet from each other, he threw like an 80 mile per hour fastball to my hand, and I missed.

“You just have to always expect a pass from him until he actually shoots the ball, and that’s what makes him so good because he gets in the paint with ease, and he’s still able to find guys.”

LeBron's willingness to pass and his talent at finding open teammates sets him apart from many other superstars in the game today. At 34-years-old, he is at his best in that department, averaging a career-high 11.1 assists per game this season.

Hopefully, he will continue to reap the benefits of his selfless playstyle.