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Anthony Davis Says Brooklyn Nets Are The Lakers' Biggest Threat This Season

(via Brooklyn Nets)

(via Brooklyn Nets)

Anthony Davis has identified his biggest rivals for this NBA season after a very moving start to the campaign. The Brow is ready to repeat this year with the Los Angeles Lakers and while the purple and gold made some big moves in the offseason, the rest of the league also bolstered their ranks, making the competition harder for the Los Angelenos team.

The Lakers are still considered the biggest favorites to win this season but Davis is well aware that plenty of teams tried to keep up with the Lakers and there is one that could make a lot of noise come postseason. While talking with ESPN's Rachel Nichols, AD revealed what team he believes is the biggest threat for his Lakers, picking the Big 3 Brooklyn Nets and their incredible scoring capacity (3:43 mark).

"Definitely is a threat. That team, as I say, can score at will," Davis said. "They're a good team, I think they're favorites in the East now since JH went over there so, it's gonna be a fun battle, it's definitely gonna be a battle."

The Nets have taken their game to the next level with James Harden and even though they have some things to work out before becoming the team they want to be, they are a threat for the rest of the league. AD knows that and he knows his team must be ready to face them in a potential Finals.

The Lakers have been tipped to play in the Finals recently but against the Philadelphia 76ers. The Nets could be another option, as well as the Boston Celtics, who are playing great basketball right now. They will have a lot of competition in the West, too, with the Jazz, Nuggets, and Clippers trying to dethrone them.