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Anthony Davis Says He "Overstepped His Boundaries" In Pitch To Kawhi Leonard

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Anthony Davis had fun in his recruitment efforts of Kawhi Leonard. He also may have done a little too much.

In a chat with ESPN's Dave McMenamin, the star power forward admitted that he may have overstepped some boundaries in his recruiting pitch to Leonard this summer.

"It was fun just to go through it, for me, with a player like Kawhi, trying to recruit him to come here. It was fun," Davis said. "We had one conversation, and I think he came out with a statement, or his uncle or something ... somebody said he don't really like all the recruitment and all that stuff, so I felt like I overstepped my boundaries."

It's no secret that L.A. and their stars went all-out in their goal of acquiring Kawhi. While we don't yet know the details of their pitch, we know that Davis was obviously heavily involved -- maybe to a fault.

As a quiet, under-the-radar personality, Leonard is clearly not one to appreciate the theatrics.

He went to the Clippers, where he can play ball, build something new, and stay out of the limelight. No doubt, the new Lakers/Clippers rivalry will be a sight to see with the new season officially underway.