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Anthony Davis Says His First Season With The Lakers Is Everything He Envisioned

(via Complex)

(via Complex)

Anthony Davis' refusal to commit long-term to the Lakers has certainly generated a lot of attention. Set to become a free agent this offseason, the superstar big man has the chance to control his own destiny, and he has yet to indicate if the Lakers are a part of his long-term plan, or if they are simply a stop on his basketball journey.

But following L.A.'s Game 5 win over Houston, Davis made some comments that seem to indicate nothing but happiness in his time with the team so far.

Here's what he said, per Silver Screen and Roll.

“It just feel like everything is falling into place,” Davis said. “When I got here obviously the goal was to win championships, and we’re eight wins away. It’s been a great process for me. It’s been great being around the guys that we have, obviously it’s been great being around ‘Bron, him helping me through it all.

Obviously, at this point now, the Western Conference Finals is new for me, so that process is going to be fun, but it’s everything that I envisioned.”

So, the Lakers have lived up to the hype -- at least, in Davis' eyes. For the first time in his career, the young power forward is getting a taste of title contention as he competes for a big market franchise. Along the way, he has had LeBron James to lean on, and learn from, and look to as his guide to greatness.

But is it enough to keep him in town? We saw last year that even a team who wins a title can have trouble keeping their star player and if AD decides he wants to go home, there's nothing stopping him.

No doubt, it's a tense time for Laker Nation. On one hand, they're closer than they've been in a long time to lifting that Larry O'Brien trophy, but it could also be their last time for the foreseeable future if "The Brow" chooses not to return. We'll all be holding our breaths until the day he finally makes his decision.