Anthony Davis Says LeBron James Doesn't Care About The MVP: "He Cares About Championships..."

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(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Somehow, in season 18, LeBron James has surfaced in the MVP conversation once again -- a tradition he seemingly cannot shake.

Unfortunately, the Lakers' recent 4-game losing streak has really hurt his campaign, and it seems his chance to hoist his fifth MVP trophy has dwindled over the past week.

For LeBron, however, there's apparently only one trophy he cares about, and that's the Larry O'Brien. In a chat with the Athletic, James' co-star, Anthony Davis, explained just how little being named the NBA's "most valuable player" matters to the "King."

(via The Athletic)

“Put it to you like this,” Davis said to The Athletic. “I know that that man does not care about MVP awards. He cares about championships. So if he loses the MVP and wins the championship like he did last year, he doesn’t care. So that’s what his mindset is, he’s not focused on MVPs. He’s focused on Finals MVPs.”

The MVP is a narrative-based award, and what Bron is doing at this stage of his career is a huge reason why he is in the race.

Whether he wins or loses, though, his focus is on the playoffs, and making sure the Lakers put up a good fight in their bid to repeat as Champions. With no shortage of enemies and obstacles, that task will prove to be unimaginably hard.

Which is why, if he pulls it off, the status of "GOAT" will finally be his to claim.