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Anthony Davis Says The Los Angeles Lakers Will Be Fine No Matter Their Ranking: "No Matter Where We Fall, We're Capable Of Still Winning The Championship."

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(via ESPN)

(via ESPN)

The Los Angeles Lakers were viewed as a contender throughout a large part of the early season. However, due to the injuries to Anthony Davis and LeBron James, the Los Angeles Lakers started sliding in the standings. While Anthony Davis has returned from his injury, LeBron James is still some time away from returning.

Despite the fact that the Los Angeles Lakers are currently the 5th seed in the Western Conference, Lakers' forward Anthony Davis isn't worried about their chances. The Lakers are former champions after all. Anthony Davis acknowledges the role injuries played in their position but does state that the Lakers can match up with anyone in a 7 game series.

No matter where we fall, we’re capable of still winning the championship. Injury played a part for us this season. We always say, it just makes a lot sweeter at the end to go through something like this. So, put us up against anyone, I don’t think no one wants to see us first round. Like I said, I know the type of team we have. I know what we can do. I think we’re capable of beating anyone in a seven-game series.

The Lakers would be a menacing first-round matchup for any team that they matched up with if LeBron James and Anthony Davis are fully healthy. The Lakers still have a large part of their championship core from last season: the team has almost become underrated due to large absences from James and Davis. While they may be the 5th seed currently, that doesn't reflect how good the Lakers truly are right now.