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Anthony Davis Shows Big Support For LeBron James: "He Gets Criticized More Than Any Basketball Player Ever.”

Anthony Davis Shows Big Support For LeBron James: "He Gets Criticized More Than Any Basketball Player Ever.”

No matter what he does, LeBron James will always be criticized for the tiniest reason. The King has earned a spot on the list of the best players in history but people keep trying to bring him down every time they have the chance. He is en route to winning his fourth NBA championship with the Los Angeles Lakers this season, yet criticism hasn't stopped for the King.

Following Game 2 against the Denver Nuggets on Sunday night, Anthony Davis showed his support for LeBron, saying he gets more criticism than any other player in the history of the league. While talking about his game-winning shot, AD reflected about the privileges and challenges of having LBJ as a teammate.

“It’s for sure the biggest shot of my career. When I left (New Orleans), I just wanted to be able to compete for a championship. And I know that moments like this comes with it. Especially being in L.A., the biggest market in basketball. I know the quote, unquote, pressure is going to be on us, going to be on me, especially the first year with everything that happened last year. And then also playing alongside ‘Bron. I know he gets criticized more than any basketball player ever.”

Bron has been a terrific teammate for Davis and the Brow is well aware of that.

“So just being able to play alongside him (LeBron), and he kind of helped me with all this quote, unquote, pressure, going out and playing. You guys saw that in Game 5 of the Rockets where he comes to me at the scorer’s table and talks to me when I was struggling. Just going out there and just playing basketball. He makes it a lot easier for me. Just being able to want this type of pressure, this type of spotlight, and go out and play in big games and make big-time plays and big-time shots for my team. It was definitely what I wanted.”

The Lakers look inspired. They are finding ways to win games even when the rivals are playing great ball. This team looks like a championship one and this association has played a major role in that situation.