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Anthony Davis Was Shocked DeMarcus Cousins Signed With The Warriors


Both Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins, or 'Fire and Ice' as they were dubbed, were one of the most formidable duos in the NBA during their time in New Orleans.

After being traded to the Pelicans back at the 2017 trade deadline, during All-Star weekend no less, Cousins joined up with Davis in the Big Easy to provide some much-needed help Davis had been longing for his entire career with the Pelicans.

Unfortunately for the pair, they could never manage to string an entire season together, with Boogie arriving halfway through the 2016-17 season, and Cousins going down with a season-ending Achilles injury halfway through their 2017-18 campaign.

While they were both on the court though, especially with Rajon Rondo running the show, the Pels looked extremely dangerous, with Cousins and Davis combining for almost 50 points and 20 rebounds a game.

The pair's time in NOLA was cut short this summer though, when Cousins shocked the world and signed with the Golden State Warriors on a one-year/$5.3 million deal, filling the final spot in the Warriors All-Star starting five.

Davis was asked about Boogie's move to the west coast, and admitted he was shocked his former teammate headed to the Bay Area.

"Of course I was a little shocked, but I know DeMarcus. And he made the best decision for him and his career at that time -- and for his family," Davis told Bill Reiter on CBS Sports.

"I understand it's a business, of course I definitely would have loved to keep going but at that point I'm not sure what was going on with his situation or what was going through his head.

"It's a lot, coming from being traded and then feeling like you deserve a max contract and then you ... rupture your Achilles."

Like most of us, Davis apparently found out about the signing on TV.

AD did praise Cousins though, adding that "now he has to guard me instead of us playing with each other."

After the departure of Boogie, the Pelicans immediately filled the vacant spot by signing former Laker Julius Randle to pair with Davis, and with another All-Star season under his belt, Anthony Davis could be in for his best season to date next year.