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Anthony Davis: “When We Are 100% Healthy, We Are The Top Team In The League”

(via Forbes)

(via Forbes)

The Los Angeles Lakers entered this season not only as defending champions but also as the team to beat out of the Western Conference.

They had an already impressive and deep core that knew and thrived next to each other. Also, the additions of Marc Gasol, Montrezl Harrell, and Dennis Schroder would only make them better.

However, they've struggled for the past couple of months and can't seem to catch a break in terms of injuries, with LeBron James and Anthony Davis missing most of the season with different ailments.

Nonetheless, Davis' confidence in his team remains intact, as he recently said that they're still the best team in the league when they're healthy:

“We know when we’re healthy the type of a team that we have. We’ve seen it earlier in the year. And that’s what we all refer back to. When we are 100% healthy, we are the top team in the league. We keep that in our minds. We know that we got a lot of things going on with some of our players and guys know that," Davis said after the loss to the Clippers.

“But we know when we get a 100% healthy, Bron maybe has a week, Dennis maybe 5-6 days left or something. But when we get healthy everyone healthy, especially heading to the playoffs, we know the type of a team that we are. And I think the league knows the type of team that we are. No matter who we got to play in the play-in game or we get 5th or 6th seed we’re ready to compete against anybody," he added.

Davis has a valid point and Andre Drummond's addition could only make them even scarier. The problem is that they haven't been able to stay on the court.

In fact, Davis was only able to play for 9 seasons last night before exiting with back spasms. But hopefully, we'll get to see what this team is capable of come playoff time.