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Anthony Edwards: "I Always Loved Dogs. I Loved, Like, Dogs And Lions But I Knew I Couldn't Get Lions 'Cause I Ain't Got The House For It."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Anthony Edwards has demonstrated that he's not a regular NBA player. The 2020 #1 overall pick has a very sparkly personality and he's already enchanting a lot of people around the league. You can agree or disagree with the things he says, but you can't deny that whenever he talks, Edwards has something interesting to say.

Recently he claimed he could play basketball, football and baseball if asked, once again catching the attention of everybody around the league. Moreover, Edwards made some big revelations about his life and the things he wanted to achieve as a kid. Instead of the "normal" or even saying he wanted to be a professional athlete, Edwards revealed he wanted to be a pet owner but owner of an exotic animal.

During a recent talk with the "Wolves+" podcast, Edwards talked with Marney Gellner, making some big revelations on why he has been unable to own a lion. Yes, a lion. He revealed he loved dogs and lions but he knew that in order to earn a cat that big, he'd need to live under special conditions.

"I always loved dogs. I loved, like, dogs and lions but I knew I couldn't get lions 'cause I ain't got the house for it," Edwards said.

Edwards started his NBA career very well, scoring 15 points for the Minnesota Timberwolves, claiming that "it wasn't hard". He's one of the best talents in his class and also one of the most hilarious players in the league and he has only played one game with the T-Wolves.