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Anthony Edwards Responds After Tom Brady Tries To Recruit Him To The NFL: "Gronk Gone, So What’s Up???"

Anthony Edwards Responds After Tom Brady Tries To Recruit Him To The NFL: "Gronk Gone, So What’s Up???"

The 2022 NFL season is a couple of months away, but some people already started working to land the right players for their teams in a season that will have 31 franchises trying to dethrone the Los Angeles Rams. After losing to the Rams last season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are looking for revenge, even more after Tom Brady returned from a 40-day retirement. 

TB12 is already trying to find pieces to compete next season, and it seems like he found a gem in the most unlikely place: the NBA. Anthony Edwards recently showed off his skills on the gridiron, demonstrating that he actually does a pretty decent job at football. 

Ant-Man tagged SportsCenter on a video where he first plays as the quarterback and then as a receiver. 

His passes weren't the best, but he did a better job catching the football, showing his velocity and hands. It was a solid workout for the Minnesota Timberwolves' young star and Brady took notice of that. The seven-time Super Bowl champion took to Twitter to try to recruit Edwards, telling Anthony that he was playing the wrong sport. 

"Ant I know the money is good but you’re playing the wrong sport bro."

Edwards reacted to this pitch and reminded Brady that his favorite target, TE Rob Gronkowski, is retired, so he could take over at Raymond James Stadium this upcoming season. 

"Gronk gone, so what’s up???" Edwards wrote. 

It would be fun to see Anthony Edwards trying his luck in the NFL. We've seen other athletes spending their time between two sports. Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson are the prime examples of that, but they played football and baseball. Perhaps the NBA and NFL schedules will make things hard for Edwards, who has stated he would thrive in any sport. It seems like he would be decent as a football player, but it's unclear if we'll see him trying an NFL career soon.