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Anthony Edwards Says He's Disappointed After Learning Alex Rodriguez And J-Lo Broke Up: "He Gonna Be My Owner, I Want Him To Be Happy."

Anthony Edwards Says He's Disappointed After Learning Alex Rodriguez And J-Lo Broke Up: "He Gonna Be My Owner, I Want Him To Be Happy."

Anthony Edwards once again showed his charm in an interview, especially when he had to talk about the soon-to-be part-owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves Alex Rodriguez. The former Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, New York Yankees player was a complete stranger for Edwards and they had a little funny exchange on social media when A-Rod decided to introduce himself.

It's been a couple of days since that even and now Edwards knows who will be taking over the team in the future but he still needs to catch up with some things happening in Alex's life. During a recent interview with GQ, Edwards found out that his new boss isn't engaged to Pop icon Jennifer Lopez anymore and that really disappointed the player.

GQ: really don’t know who A-Rod is, huh?

Anthony Edwards: Well...I do now!

What made you change that?

Everybody was texting me, tellin’ me ‘bout it, that’s it, forreal.

What did you learn in the last few days about the dude who might own your team?

They told me he’s a Hall of Famer. Somebody told me he’s like the Michael Jordan of baseball.

I feel like that’s a stretch.


You didn’t watch any games or highlights to verify that with your own eyes?

Nah, I ain’t watch none, nah. I know he date J-Lo [Jennifer Lopez], though!

He does not.


He used to date J-Lo, but they just broke up.


You look like you’re disappointed.

Yeah, I am.

Any reason?

He gonna be my owner, I want him to be happy.

You think he’s gonna be happier with J-Lo?


Well, that must be tough for Edwards and Rodriguez, too, who isn't with one of the most beautiful women in the world anymore. Anthony could improve his mood later, talking about other topics, including his rap career and his favorite moments in the NBA. Talking about his 'Welcome to the NBA' moment, he explained that Bradley Beal making though shots on him was the one.

Did you have your “Welcome To The League” moment?

Bradley Beal, yeah. He hit a couple tough shots on me, like suuuuuper tough shots and I was like [raises eyebrows, starts shaking head back and forth] ‘aightttt.

He also discussed his favorite players in the NBA, still going with Kevin Durant as the one he likes the most. The 19-year-old remembers very well the time KD went off on the T-Wolves, having a very good day from the field.

Cool, glad we know some baseball guys. You’ve said before that your favorite team as a kid was the Thunder, because of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. You’ve played both those teams now, is that still true? Has your perception of those two changed at all?

Nahhhhh. As far as Durant being my favorite player? Nah. Hell nah, that hasn’t changed. He’s still my favorite player.

What reinforced it for you?

He gave us 30 off of 15 shots. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody, when I look at the box score, look at the sheet, and they take 15 shots and they get 30. Like, I haven’t seen that. I’ve looked at every superstar that we played. He had 30 on 15 shots, he was 11-for-15.

Ant-Man is a character and whenever he does an interview, people always tune in trying to see what interesting thing he's going to say now. This is another proof of that and this one shows the person he is. Edwards is a kid that wants to have fun doing everything he does and is not afraid of being himself.

He's in his first NBA season but is already showing good things to the public. The sky's the limit for this guy and if he keeps developing, he could be the face of the Timberwolves in a couple of seasons.