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Antoine Walker Doesn't Believe Kyrie Irving Will Be Coming Back To Boston

Kyrie Irving

Even after a verbal commitment from Kyrie Irving, the status of his future with the Celtics has never been more up in the air. He did it to himself though.

With the Celtics reeling and Irving saying he "didn't owe anybody sh--," people are seriously questioning his intentions this summer.

Antoine Walker recently alluded to this, declaring that he thinks Uncle Drew's time with the team will be coming to an end this season.

"Do I think he gonna stay? No, I think he's gonna leave," Walker said. "I think Kyrie has shown us it's not necessarily about winning championships to him. I think New York is the place that probably presents the best option for him for what he wants to do -- with the shoe deal he has with Nike, the individual, where he can be a star there being back home."

"I just don't think he's a true Celtic. When you're a Celtic, you want to be there. I played there seven years there, I played with Paul Pierce there, I know how true Celtics are. I don't think Kyrie's yet a true Celtic and believes he's a true Celtic."

The idea of a true "Celtic" isn't something new. There's a certain attitude, mindset, that comes along with being a Celtic. If someone isn't fully bought-in, it might be hard for them to embrace the culture.

Walker seems to think Kyrie has yet to fit the mold and will be leaving as a result.

We'll find out if he's right soon enough, but the Celtics certainly hope to help him buy-in before they lose him to the Knicks this summer.