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Austin Rivers Claims Ben Simmons Won't Ever Play For The 76ers Again: "He Wants To Go Somewhere Else, Obviously."

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Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons has been sitting out of games this year awaiting a trade from the Philadelphia 76ers and has not suited up for the franchise at all. The Philadelphia 76ers have held out on moving him thus far, as they have been awaiting an acceptable return for the 3-time All-Star and DPOY candidate.

The Philadelphia 76ers have tried to get Ben Simmons to suit up for the franchise again in the past. During the summer, Doc Rivers even claimed that he wanted the point guard back and playing, claiming that he's "terrific". However, it is clear that hasn't happened.

Doc Rivers' son, Denver Nuggets player Austin Rivers has recently opened up on the Ben Simmons situation. When speaking to TMZ Sports, Rivers claimed that the 76ers "tried" to keep Ben Simmons, but that "he wants to go somewhere else".

"No man, probably not. I don’t think so," Rivers answered. "If he hasn’t suited up by now, then I don’t think so."

Austin says his dad and the team have done everything in their power to retain the 25-year-old ... despite Simmons' desire to be traded.

"S***, they tried, bro," he said. "Look how long it’s been. I think they tried to keep him. He wants to go somewhere else obviously."

Rivers ultimately wishes BS well saying ... "I just want the young man to be happy. He’s talented. He’s a great player."

It is clear that the Philadelphia 76ers need to find a way to move on from Ben Simmons, as they should prioritize taking advantage of Joel Embiid's prime. However, it would also be unwise to just move him for subpar value, as you still want a capable player/players in return that can help you win now.

We'll see how the Philadelphia 76ers deal with this situation going forward. The trade deadline is coming relatively soon, and perhaps we could see some action on the Ben Simmons front closer to February 10th.