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Austin Rivers Fires Back At Warriors Commentators For Rude Comments: "Beyond Disrespectful..."

Austin Rivers

It's common practice for commentators and broadcasters to take shots at opposing teams. It happens all the time, and it usually makes for some funny moments.

But, occasionally, it does get a bit out of hand. The recent situation involving Austin Rivers is serving as the perfect example.

In a recent game between the Warriors and Nuggets, Golden State commentators took some brutal shots at Austin Rivers, suggesting that he only signed his recent extension as a result of being Doc Rivers' son.

"He signed a big contract extension. Oh, wait, his dad was the coach."

It got some backlash from fans almost immediately, but Austin Rivers himself has since responded to the video.

In a comment on Instagram, he posted this response:

Think this kinda funny.. especially since it's coming from a guy who has never played a game of basketball in his life. His comments on myself and my teammate Facu were beyond disrespectful. I averaged 11ppg, 12ppg, then 16ppg of the bench for a loaded clippers team. While being a two way player... yet he called me overpaid?? Do u know how many guys in league made more than me while not doing half as much!?!? And still do now! But because my last name, it's an easy diss and cop out. For sure unprofessional.

In his comment, you can see that Rivers sticks up for his teammate, Facundo Campazzo, as well. What the commentators said about him may have been even worse:

Taking some shots during the broadcast is really nothing new, and there is no doubt that many fans found these comments comical.

But Rivers clearly felt disrespected, and it's not hard to see why. To have his credibility questioned so easily after fighting and clawing his way to a long-term NBA job is nothing to look over.

Maybe next time he plays the Warriors, both he and Campazzo will get the chance to show Dub Nation just how legit they really are.