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Austin Rivers On Damian Lillard: "He's As Tough As They Come, No Lie."

Austin Rivers On Damian Lillard- "He's As Tough As They Come, No Lie."

The Portland Trail Blazers stand on the verge of elimination after taking the loss in Game 5, but Damian Lillard did everything in his power to change that outcome.

Dropping 55 points, 10 assists, and an NBA record of 12 3-pointers made, he was absolutely sensational and single-handedly kept Portland in the game.

Despite coming out with the win, Nuggets guard Austin Rivers made sure to give his props to Lillard, citing how fun he is to guard.

It was a truly magnificent performance that will be remembered as one of the all-time great games in playoff history.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to get the win, leading many to express some major frustration at Portland's supporting cast. CJ McCollum, Norman Powell, and Carmelo Anthony all disappeared down the stretch leaving Lillard to carry the load all by himself and, ultimately, lose the game.

Even if they win the series, Lillard alone will not be enough to get the Blazers very far. The play of others is the recipe for success.

Will the other guys step up in Game 6? Will they potentially step up in the games following?

For Dame's sake, they better, or he may start losing his patience with the franchise as a whole.