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Austin Rivers Sends A Hilarious Message After He Was Calling For His Dad To Get T'd Up

(via ESPN)

(via ESPN)

Lats night's match between the Rockets and Clippers is one of the highlights of the early season so far for myriads of reasons.

One of which is the interaction between Clippers coach Doc Rivers and his son Austin, who helped seal the deal for Houston in the closing minutes of the game.

After coach Rivers began a sideline tirade against the refs, Austin began antagonizing his Father, eventually calling for him to be kicked from the game -- only escalating the anger of the coach. When he was eventually tossed, Austin waved his Dad off the court as he was escorted out.

It was a hilarious exchange, and probably one with no ill-intent, but it has become the subject of social media today as the community breaks down what happened. Of course, Austin Rivers himself joined in on the fun, tweeting out a post aimed at making fun of the whole thing.

Without a doubt, that's one way to make thanksgiving dinner a little more interesting.

But in all seriousness, there is no bad blood between these two. After years of being in the NBA, Doc and Austin have found their niche with their respective teams. They've seen it all. But hopefully, they'll give us more of these hilarious altercations in the future.