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Avery Bradley Says The Golden State Warriors Are "One Of The Best Organizations In The NBA From Top To Bottom"

Avery Bradley Says The Golden State Warriors Are "One Of The Best Organizations In The NBA From Top To Bottom"

The Golden State Warriors are back in the hunt this season. With the imminent return of Klay Thompson, and them bringing some new stars, the Warriors are looking to get back into the championship hunt.

With Steph Curry back in good form, the Warriors will be looking to return to the championship picture. The new recruits understand the mission when it comes to playing for Golden State. Otto Porter Jr. recently explained why he passed up an open shot to give the ball to Curry.

The Warriors have struggled over the last 2 seasons, as their dynasty came to an abrupt end. Their loss in the 2019 NBA Finals, the departure of Kevin Durant, and injuries to players like Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green have derailed the Warriors, causing them to miss the playoffs for 2 consecutive seasons.

The Warriors ruled the NBA for 5 years between 2014 and 2019, reaching 5 consecutive NBA Finals and winning 3 NBA championships. Their spectacular run in the NBA was aided by the ascension to superstardom for Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

The Warriors even set the record for the best season in the NBA, winning 73 games during the 2015-16 season. The following offseason, they signed former MVP Kevin Durant, a brilliant move by their front office to further their dynastic years.

Golden State has been lauded as one of the best franchises in the NBA, mostly because of the way they run things. Even when Klay Thompson suffered a major ACL injury in 2019, the Warriors stayed loyal to him and signed him to a massive contract in free agency.

One person who has experienced how well the Warriors work is their newest signing Avery Bradley. Bradley told NBA insider Keith Burke that with all due respect to his previous NBA teams, the Golden State Warriors are one of the best franchises in the league, in all aspects.

Bradley's comments come as no surprise, given how well the Warriors have been run over the last few years. Whether it's on the court or the front office, the Warriors have been one of the best in the league in recent memory.

Fans are skeptical about their chances. Klay Thompson is returning after almost 2 and a half years out of the NBA. In fact, one reporter got bashed online for saying the Warriors signing Otto Porter Jr. will give them 3 of the best shooters in the NBA

And they face stiff competition in the West from the Lakers and the Suns. But if Steph and Klay can resurrect their great partnership, the Warriors stand a good chance to reach the Finals once again.