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Ayesha Curry Flames Donald Trump For Calling The George Floyd Protesters “Thugs”

(via The Verge)

(via The Verge)

Sports are a way for people to disconnect themselves from the drama of the world around them. It brings people together, gives them something to root for, and allows them to forget about their troubles, if even for a few moments.

But it's not rare for sports and politics to collide, especially when it comes to the NBA's top basketball stars. LeBron, Barkley, and Steph Curry are just a few names to speak out against the current White House regime. The most recent one to flame the White House happens to be Ayesha Curry, who is known for speaking her mind on social media.

Much of the country is up in arms about George Flloyd -- a black man who was essentially murdered by police who pressed on his neck during apprehension. With outrage running rampant, Trump called the protesters "THUGS," and Ayesha was quick to respond.

A lot of facts and information has since come out, and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey straight-up called it a killing.

“I am not a prosecutor, but let me be clear: The arresting officer killed someone,” Frey told CBS News, via CNN. “He (Floyd) would be alive today if he were white.”

No matter your opinions on the ordeal, many are speaking up and against the arresting officers and any of those who are sticking up for them -- including President Donald Trump.