Back In 2016, One Twitter User Predicted The 2020 NBA Finals Between Heat And Lakers

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Back In 2016, One Twitter User Predicted The 2020 NBA Finals Between Heat And Lakers

Life can be incredible sometimes with all the coincidences you can find every day. When it comes to the NBA, that sentence takes another dimension since we've seen uncountable episodes where reality has exceeded fiction. Ahead of the 2020 NBA Finals, an old tweet by a fan has gone viral for predicting the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers will clash this year in the Finals.

That would've been easy to predict after the suspension or even at the start of the season, but he made this extremely bold claim in 2016. There are only two possible explanations for this; either he was joking or he can see the future.

"That 2020 Finals between the Heat and Lakers is gonna be great." @spencerhndrxx tweeted four years ago.

Back in 2016, the Lakers were going through some bad times and the only 'good' thing bringing joy to them was to see Kobe Bryant and his farewell tour. As for the Heat, they were still competing in the Eastern Conference but weren't near a championship-caliber team as they are right now. It had been two years since LeBron James returned to Cleveland and the team was still trying to figure out what to do after their most successful years in the NBA. Four years after that, both teams are facing each other for the first time in the Finals, trying to bring joy to their fans in a season that was extremely complex for everybody. This guy Spencer really did a good job with his prediction and three years later he was convinced it was happening. In November of 2019, he reminded everybody that the Heat and the Lakers were going to battle it out for the NBA title.