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Bad News For The San Antonio Spurs


Kawhi Leonard has been involved in a lot of controversies all season long due to his lingering quad injury, with the San Antonio Spurs keeping everybody in the dark regarding his situation before information was leaked to the media and the hundreds of rumors just emerged from everywhere.

Even if the Spurs-Leonard situation isn’t nearly as bad as some people try to make us believe, the fact that the Spurs have gotten so far without him this season make everybody think that his tenure under Popovich might as well be over and it wouldn’t be the end of the world for either party.

But, according to the Yahoo Sports and Shams Charania, Kawhi Leonard will miss the 2018 NBA Playoffs and he will continue rehab program in New York.

Kawhi Leonard was one of the best players in the league and probably the best two-way player, but this season he played only 9 games and we'll never know what's really happening between Kawhi and the Spurs organization.

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