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Barack Obama Says Steph Curry Is The Greatest Shooter Of All-Time

(via Voice of America)

(via Voice of America)

At this point, there is no doubt that Steph Curry will go down in the history books as the greatest shooter who ever lived.

In an appearance on "The Ringer" podcast, even former U.S. President Barack Obama had to agree, saying it "wasn't even a question" that Steph is, indeed, the best long-distance specialist the game has seen.

"That's not even a question - -absolutely. I have not seen anybody who can shoot that way in as many ways in as unlikely ways consistently as Steph Curry. I know Steph well -- everything he does is precise, it's neat, it's tight."

Barack and Steph do have a little history. When the Warriors won their first Championship in 2015, they visited Obama and the White House in, what used to be, a long-standing tradition.

Obama has long held an interest in NBA basketball, citing his fandom of the Bulls as a kid growing up in Chicago. So, Obama isn't just speaking as a former President when he recognizes Steph as the greatest shooter ever -- he's speaking as a fan and student of the game.

In 11 years in the NBA, Curry has built up quite a resume, earning 6 All-Star appearances, 6 All-NBA appearances, 2 MVPs, and 3 NBA Championships. Last season, we saw Curry and the Warriors sink near the bottom of the standings, and it was a sign that their dynasty may finally be over.

This season, with a (mostly) healthy squad and a re-tooled roster, they should be right back at the top. Obama is just one of many who has not forgotten who Curry is and what he is capable of.