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Barack Obama Will Have A New Role In NBA Africa League

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Former U.S. President, Barack Obama is about to begin a new role with a new basketball league that is being formed and set up in Africa by the NBA. Barack Obama has been nothing but positive towards the idea and is involved in attempting to create a professional competition league with several African countries as he is associated with the basketball’s global governing body FIBA.

Obama went ahead on Twitter to speak about the opportunity of the new African basketball league that he has put his full support behind.

The competition is planned to be a 12-team league that is planned for January of 2020 with already existing clubs to be a part of it. Nothing is confirmed yet, but the plan is to have qualification tournaments that include countries such as Egypt, Angola, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa and Tunisia. Each country in the league are not permitted to have any more than two sides.

The NBA has hosted plenty of games in Africa before, but this is a much bigger step to take with the help of FIBA to fund the entire league and the resources that will be needed.

The Former United States President spoke as part of a video that was shown during the launch of the event in the lead up to the NBA All-Star game.

“I hope you know through sport, that if you put in effort, you will be rewarded,” he said. “I hope you learn through sport what it means to play as a team, and even if you are the best player, your job is not just to show off but your job is to make your teammates better.”

With the support and help of Barack Obama, this project has a massive chance of success.