Baron Davis On His 'Welcome To The NBA' Moment: "John Stockton Made Me Feel Like 'Damn, Do I Know How To Play Basketball?' I Had Never Been Taken Out The Game So Fast."

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(via Basketball Network)

(via Basketball Network)

Being a rookie in the NBA has been described as a "surreal" moment by many. No doubt, it must be an honor to play for the highest-level basketball league in the world, and there are only a handful of people in the world who get to experience it year after year.

Of course, that's not to say there aren't some drawbacks.

For every young player, there is a moment that signals just what they signed up for. It's an embarrassing play that often has them on the wrong end of a sick highlight.

Describing his "welcome to the NBA" moment, Baron Davis spoke about the time he got embarrassed by John Stockton. Here's what he said in his appearance on the "Knuckleheads" podcast.

"John Stockton embarrassed me, dawg. John Stockton made me feel like 'Damn, do I know how to play basketball?' I had never been taken out the game so fast."

Obviously, Davis is able to look back on that moment with some laughter, but it couldn't have been fun at the time.

Often times, we take for granted just how good NBA players really are. For many rookies, who make the transition from college, they don't realize the talent jump until a signature moment like that happens to them.

Then, eventually, they'll be the ones to "welcome" a young rookie to the league.

It's a beautiful cycle that makes for some really good entertainment for the fans.