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Baron Davis Shares The Story Of When Draymond Green Couldn't Guard Him 2 Years Ago: "He Tried To Post Me Up, I Kept Yelling 'I'm Baby Draymond!' And He Was Pissed."

Baron Davis Shares The Story Of When Draymond Green Couldn't Guard Him 2 Years Ago: "He Tried To Post Me Up, I Kept Yelling "I'm Baby Draymond!" And He Was Pissed."

Baron Davis had a lot of things to say during his appearance on the 'Dubs Talk' podcast, touching on several issues around the league, including the Golden State Warriors and their current stars, how he believes a best-of-seven series between his 'We Believe' team against the Kevin Durant-led Warriors would go and more.

He also chimed in on one of the most interesting topics in the league last week. After Draymond Green called himself the greatest defender to ever play the game, a series of former players like Chris Webber, Tony Allen, and Metta World Peace reacted to it, having different opinions about Green's claims.

Davis joined that club, saying he understood where Draymond was coming from; if he has achieved things and has won awards during his career, he can say he's the best defender ever.

"He's not supposed to say he not, you know what I mean?" Davis told Dorrell Wright, via NBC Sports Bay Area. "Draymond Green is playing right now, and the things he is doing, he has the accolades, he has the stats to back it up. He has the mouth to back it up, he's got the game to back it up. So in no way shape or form is he going to say he is second."

However, BD said that he doesn't necessarily agree with the big man. He said that stats don't necessarily show how good or bad a player was; the game can show you where you stand and what you can do against offensive threats.

"As far as ranking him defensively, I think in his era, he is one of the primary guys. All-time? No, I don't think so," Davis explained.

"When you start talking about all-time, it's like, there ain't no stats for that s--t! You really got to say though, if you're the greatest defender of all-time, I mean you're 6-foot-8, would you have been able to stop Tim Duncan? Would you have been able to stop Dirk Nowitzki? Would you have been able to stop Tracy McGrady? Would you have been able to stop [Michael] Jordan?"

"The greatest defender of all-time is a lot, but I like Draymond Green because he putting a lot on it. He made those statements for himself, ain't for nobody else but for him."

Davis revealed a story of when he played against Draymond and the player was mad because he couldn't stop the veteran. Baron said he kept talking trash to Draymond, who was pissed but couldn't stop him.

"As far as ranking him, I think he is one of the best of his era. Can Draymond Green guard me? Absolutely not," Davis proclaimed. "He couldn't stop me in the summer league at UCLA two years ago, he got mad at me. I was locking him up, I was saying I was the 'Baby Draymond'. He kept calling fouls but he can't score on me. He tried to post me up, and I kept yelling "I'm Baby Draymond!" and he was getting pissed," Davis continued with his infectious laugh.

"I know what he is saying, you gotta have that confidence and I love him for it, and I think all-time he will go down as one of the greatest in his era, and he's not supposed to say nothing else while he is playing, that he is second to anybody. He just got to keep proving people wrong, and keep doing what he's doing, and his legacy is definitely there"

"But he can't guard me. Not even right now bro."

This is a very big revelation from Davis. It will be curious to see if Draymond will try to deny those claims and seeing how confident he was in his talents, the player will try to make people think that never happened. The Dub player is definitely a great defender but calling himself the greatest to ever do it, that's a reach.