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Baron Davis: "We Should Treat LeBron James With The Same Respect As Obama"

Baron Davis: "We Should Treat LeBron James With The Same Respect As Obama"

LeBron James might be one of the richest athletes in the world right now, but that wasn't always the case for the 36-year-old. He rose from poverty and reached a level where his voice mattered to help out others in need.

We always talk about his impact on the game of basketball, but James' true impact has been off the court. He's always been ready to talk about the rights of black people, helping out children with the I-Promise school, and a lot more.

It is quite astounding how much he has achieved in his life even before turning 40. Despite these efforts, many fans disrespect James from time to time. For the most part, without a solid reason.

Former NBA player Baron Davis recently appeared on the Fubo Sports podcast, where he said that LBJ deserves the same respect as former president of the United States, Barack Obama.

"The dude came in that was 17-18 years old, right? He already had the hype, right? They already compared him to Mike. They already compared him to Kobe. They compared this m*****f***** to everyone and all he did was carve out his own space. All he does is help kids. All he does is invest in companies. All he do is make movies paid away for entertainment. All he doing is putting his homies on, right? And so for me like when I say he did it better like this m*****f***** did all this and no controversy bro.

"All he doing is uplifting, speaking, doing his f****** part, his role, responsibility from the time he was 18 years old. Do this m*****f***** get a year off? A week off? Can we leave him and his family and his kids alone for a month? Can they get a holiday for a month? Because he's been carrying this s*** from the day he got in it. ... He carried his own then he started carrying more, then he started carrying the league, you know what I mean? And so with the whole Miami s*** and all that.

"Like m*****f***** when you that talented and you know this, you need some dogs with you, right? And that gave him the ability to take on the responsibility of carrying the league now. And what has he done wrong? Get athletes more money? Speak up for athletes and support female athletes, other sports s*** like invest in team s*** like that. ...They need to get the f*** out of here and give LeBron a holiday, where he gets a month off. You know what I mean or treat him like Obama bro. We should be treating LeBron James with the same respect that we f***** treat Obama with."

Since entering the league, James has been one of the most consistent players in the league. But at the end of the day, he is human after all.

He, like others, needs rest as well to focus on himself and his family. Considering his popularity, it is impossible for him to stay out of media sight. Unfortunately, which also means that some section of the crowd will continue disrespecting him no matter what he does in his career and life as a whole.