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Basketball Fans Are Not Happy With Trae Young's Foul-Drawing Techniques After Questionable Play With Taj Gibson

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

Trae Young keeps getting criticism for his antics on the court, always looking to get fouls although the play is nothing like a foul. The Atlanta Hawks star has received a lot of bad comments for his techniques and NBA fans aren't having any of that.

He played against the New York Knicks on Monday night and starred in a very controversial play with Taj Gibson, getting "fouled" on his way to the basket by the veteran big man. It was nothing like a foul and Gibson kept his position but the young guard was granted two free throws after that.

NBA Reddit wasn't having any of that and they used sarcasm to explain how questionable that play was. While some said the play was deserving of a flagrant 2 call and others just attacked the referees for making incredibly bad calls.

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Young has been under fire before this; even Steve Nash called him out for his antics and nobody is happy with the way the player gets the fouls; Tom Thibodeau had already talked about Young's tactics but he hasn't changed anything. You can say he's using the rules in his favor but nobody is happy with that.

In the end, the Knicks had the last laugh, beating the Hawks 123-112, continuing to surprise everybody in the East with his performances this season.