Basketball Forever Shares Photo Of Wimbledon Official Who Looks Like Larry Bird: "Bro Is Larry Bird’s Sister Working At Wimbledon?"

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The Wimbledon tournament is most often watched for the tennis that is being played. However, it seems as though there are other things that have caught people's attention when it regards the tournament. Sometimes, non-sport-related things at a sports event end up going viral.

Basketball Forever has recently shared an old photo of a Wimbledon official, who bears an uncanny resemblance to an all-time great in Larry Bird. It is obviously highly unlikely for the two to be related whatsoever, but it was certainly fascinating to see a doppelganger of Larry Bird. NBA fans reacted to the image and generally found the Larry Bird lookalike funny.

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It is often entertaining to see celebrity doppelgangers, and there's no question that there are often resemblances in looks among celebrities to regular people. Some have even jokingly said that the Wimbledon official is in fact the real Larry Bird, that's how similar the two looked. While the official is clearly not Larry Bird, there are similarities in their facial features and their hair color. While it is obviously rare for two people to look this similar, there are certainly times where we see things like this.