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Beijing Ducks Reportedly Offer Jeremy Lin $3 Million Contract

NBA Rumors: Clippers Could Pick Up Jeremy Lin To Complete Roster

It’s been a tough few months for Jeremy Lin ever since he was let go by the Toronto Raptors after their 2019 championship win. Lin hasn’t received any attention from any of the NBA franchises this offseason that has left him feeling like he has hit rock bottom.

Although his future in the NBA is under question, Lin has received plenty of attention outside of the United States. It’s been reported that Jeremy Lin has been in talks with the Beijing Shougang Ducks of the Chinese Basketball Association.

According to Shangai Ist, the Beijing Ducks are offering to pay Lin a total of $3 million a year, the two sides are in negotiation right now.

Lin has always wanted to be a part of the NBA since it’s the greatest and most competitive league in the world. However, he has spoken before about how he would consider playing across the pacific in a country like China.

“About five years ago, I began to consider whether I should play basketball in Asia,” Lin said in July, via the South China Morning Post, “because every year when I visit the region I see so many fans, and they make me want to play a few seasons in the region.”

The guard’s preference is still certainly to be playing in the NBA, Lin averaged just 29.4 percent from the three-point line last season, well below his career average. There are certainly positives about his game but it’s hard to see any NBA teams willing to take the risk on him.

Lin’s best chance of returning to the league may be through impressive performances in alternative leagues, the Beijing Ducks may be a great opportunity for the former star guard.