Belgian Women's Basketball Player Wants Pic With Kevin Durant: "I Don’t Want LaVine. I Want You. I'm Your Biggest Fan.”


Kevin Durant is one of the most famous basketball players in the world. The Brooklyn Nets is a controversial figure, but that doesn't mean he's a bad person at all. In fact, KD has earned the love of fans worldwide thanks to his feats on the court. 

Now that he's in Tokyo, more people will have the chance to see him, as he gets ready to play for Team USA in the Summer Olympics. During the first day of the event, KD was approached by a Belgian women's basketball player who couldn't believe she was right beside the 2x NBA champion. 

Durant asked her if she wanted a pic with teammate Zach LaVine, but the girl knew what she wanted. She made it clear that Durant is her favorite player and was looking to get a picture with him. 

KD: “You want a picture with Zach Lavine?” 

Belgian Women’s Basketball player: “Nah I want YOU. I'm your biggest fan I'm telling you. I can't believe this.”

The lady revealed she was a hooper too, and KD asked who was their first rival. After she said Australia, Durant told her some encouraging words, pointing out that Liz Cambage's absence on Team Australia could benefit the Belgian side. 

Of course, fans reacted to this interaction, dropping some gems. 

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The girl who approached Durant is Julie Vanloo, who wears KD's old number, 35. 

Credit: Sideline Sources

Credit: Sideline Sources

Belgium starts the tournament against Australia this Tuesday, trying to pull off the upset against one of the best squads in the competition. 

Meanwhile, Team USA will face France this Sunday in their first match. They're looking for revenge after a failed FIBA 2019 World Cup, and beating France is what they need right now. KD is the leader of the team, and he'll try to lead this generation to the promised land, just like he did in 2016.