Ben Golliver Completely Roasts Devin Booker After 50 Point Game

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Devin Booker

After coming off a 59-point performance in Utah, Devin Booker had every right to feel confident in his match against the Wizards on Wednesday. During half-time, a proud Booker look up into the stands, exclaiming "I'm going for 50!" before doing just that, finishing with 50 points and 10 rebounds.

It was a special scoring output indeed and made Booker the youngest player in NBA history to have consecutive 50 point games. Interestingly enough, those consecutive scoring outputs were also consecutive losses for the Suns, falling to 17-58 for the season; a telling stat.

In a quote from Ben Golliver's Open Floor podcast, he actually laid into Booker following his 50-point outage:

“I’m sure you saw that clip the other day where he is telling a fan ‘I’m going for 50’ and that goes viral. How about go for a win? How about go for one stop at any point of your career? How about try and do that? How about tell a fan you’re going to lock down on defense and try and hold a team under 120 points?”

The team stinks, boasting the second worst record in the NBA. As for Booker, he is a completely one-dimensional player, pouring out all of his energy in scoring while giving up points left and right on the other end.

Booker is celebrating his own accomplishments while his team continues to stink, and while Book continues to refuse to play defense. Golliver clearly was not afraid to call him out on it.

For Phoenix, all of the losing might actually earn them the prize of the year in Zion Williamson. Better days may be on the horizon. Until those days come, perhaps it is best if Booker and the rest of the team focus on developing their team instead of trying to put on a show.