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Ben Simmons Calls President Trump A "Coward" In Emotional Tweets

(via Deseret News)

(via Deseret News)

It's either hit or miss with President Donald J. Trump. While there are strengths and weaknesses to every man who steps into the White House, Trump seems to come with more controversy than any other President in American history.

As such, the community is split into two sides: those who routinely call him out and criticize him, and those who continue to defend him.

For NBA superstar Ben Simmons, he considers himself the former. Here's what he said about Trump and his reaction to the protests:

Ben is just the latest in a number of stars who have spoken their mind on this tragedy and he probably won't be the last.

Even with COVID-19 still making its rounds, this is all anyone can really talk about. People are hurt, angry, and they want change. It seems Simmons is in their corner.