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Ben Simmons Doesn't Read What People Say About Him: "I Don't Go On Instagram. I Don't Go On Twitter. I Don't See What People Are Saying. And I Don't Give A F*ck Honestly."

Credit: Philadelphia Inquirer

Credit: Philadelphia Inquirer

Ben Simmons has been under heavy criticism in recent days, despite the Philadelphia 76ers having impressive performances in the Eastern Conference. The Australian player is one of the favorite victims of trolls but he's not concerned about that.

Simmons is young and was one of the most promising players in his draft class, therefore, a lot of eyes are on him every night, but some people only care about criticizing him and nothing else. Fortunately, the point guard isn't worried about that, as he recently revealed he doesn't pay much attention to haters and trolls on the internet. With Joel Embiid becoming the scoring force on the roster, Simmons has been getting a lot of bad comments regarding his game.

However, he only cares about winning and as long as the Sixers keep doing it, he won't be mad.

"It’s a new season," Simmons said, via Ky Carlin of USA Today Sports. "I’m just focusing on winning, do what I can to win with this thing. I don’t go on Instagram, I don’t go on Twitter, so I can’t really answer the question in terms of what people are saying. I don’t give a (expletive) honestly."

He is focused on winning with the team and he knows what opinions value and what he doesn't need to listen to. He only wants to keep the good pace and take this team as far as they can in the playoffs.

"Unless (coach) Doc (Rivers) says something or (assistant) Sam (Cassell) or people coming to me, then it’s a different story," Simmons said. "I’m trying to win games and that’s why we’re all here. To win."

Recently, NBA fans debated about Simmons' quality and his lack of progress over the years. They even compared him to rapper Chris Brown, which sparked a huge discussion around the NBA community. Well, the 24-year-old is averaging a career-low 12.4 points and shooting a career-worst 51.2% from the field, but that doesn't seem to be affecting his team, so Ben is fine with it.