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Ben Simmons Doesn't Think Rudy Gobert Is A Top 5 Defender: “I Play Ball, I’m Looking At Guys Who Can Guard 1 Through 5.”

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Ben Simmons had some interesting takes about Rudy Gobert during a recent stream. Amid the coronavirus crisis in the NBA, the Philadelphia 76ers’ point guard streamed Call of Duty, but he couldn’t avoid talking about basketball and share some of his knowledge and opinions on some players.

Simmons made some interesting comments, no doubt about it, but when he talked about Rudy Gobert, a two-time Defensive Player of the Year, the Australian player picked other players over the Frenchman, as he prefers somebody who can defend any position in the game.

“I look at AD and I think he's a better defender than Gobert, because he can defend guards at times. ... Look, I play ball, I'm looking at guys who can guard 1 through 5, man. ... You can't say you're one of the best defenders if you're not guarding every position,” Simmons said, via NBC Sports.

He also was asked to name his top 5 defenders in the league, and he put together a very good squad, featuring the likes of Anthony Davis, Patrick Beverley, Kawhi Leonard, Joel Embiid and himself.

Another interesting remark of Simmons was his defense on James Harden’s defensive skills, which often are mocked by fans and even players.

“Yo, here's the one thing. I've got something to say. Everyone talks on James' D, but he can play D. I don't think y'all understand how strong that dude is. He's a strong guy. A lot of people listen to analytics and stuff, it makes no sense. Analytically? You can't always look at numbers, man,” he added.

The NBA is suspended amid this coronavirus outbreak, but players still find ways to remain entertained. Simmons, just like other stars like Devin Booker, have found a very good way to cope with the quarantine in video games.

In the meantime, they keep making headlines with their statements.