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Ben Simmons' High School Coach Says He Will Be An NBA Champion: "I'm Very, Very Confident. He's Just Too Talented."

Kobe Bryant On Ben Simmons In 2019: “He’s Got To Get A Jump Shot...Because If Not, He Will Regret It When His Career Is Over.’’

Very few players are as talented as Sixers star Ben Simmons. He's an incredible ball-handler, elite playmaker, and one of the best wing defenders in the NBA.

Unfortunately, his struggles to shoot the ball from the perimeter have essentially handicapped his game and, as we saw in the 2021 postseason, it has gotten to his head.

Amid harsh criticism and endless trade rumors, it seems Ben has reached a low point in his otherwise excellent NBA career.

Still, he has some believers. In a conversation with John Clark on the "Takeoff" podcast, Simmons' former High School coach, Kevin Boyle, proclaimed his confidence that Ben will one day be an NBA Champion.

"I'm very, very confident he'll be a star player, and a 10x All-Star, and a 3x first or second-team all-pro, and have a Championship ring. He's just too talented."

With Simmons, the issue seems to be mental more than anything else. By all accounts, he has regressed as a shooter despite years of experience in the league.

What it will take to get his shot falling remains to be seen, but Simmons will have to start at least attempting them before he can hope to be consistent from beyond the arc.