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Ben Simmons On The Race For The No. 1 Seed In The East: “We Can’t Control What Brooklyn Or Milwaukee Do, We’ve Already Played Them... We Have A Few Games Left To Really Get That First Seed And I Think We Can Do It."

Credit: Getty Images 

Credit: Getty Images 

Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers have worked really hard to be right where they are right now. Although they have played without Joel Embiid and Simmons for some parts of the season, the team has stayed afloat and ready to compete in a very interesting Eastern Conference. 

Right now they are 2nd in the East, trailing the star-studded Brooklyn Nets. Even though the Milwaukee Bucks are also on the hunt to snatch that first seed in the conference, the competition for that spot will probably be a two-team competition between the Sixers and the Nets. 

Simmons recently talked about the team's current situation and what they need to do to finish the season atop of the standings. The Australian point guard made it clear that they aren't paying attention to the Nets and Bucks and the Sixers will try to do their thing to finish the season strong. 

“We can’t control what Brooklyn or Milwaukee do, we’ve already played them,” said Simmons, via Sixers Wire. “For us, it’s about controlling what we can do and that’s winning games no matter who we play.”

The team lost 4 straight games recently, which opened the door for the Nets to steal the No. 1 position in the East. With Simmons out of the roster, they couldn't do much, especially against the Bucks, who beat them twice over that span. 

“Definitely frustrating because those two games are important,” said Simmons of the Bucks losses. “For me, I’m glad I’m back now. We have a few games left to really get that first seed and I think we can do it. I think if everyone’s healthy and able to play, I think we were able to get that. We got to take control and get that one seed.”

We are entering the final month of competition and the Sixers will have the chance to catch up with the Nets and surpass them. Doc Rivers has done a great job with this team and as long as they have Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and all the pieces they have on the roster, they will have a chance to compete and make it out the East.