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Ben Simmons Reportedly Told The 76ers He Needed To Start Over In A New Place Where He 'Could Make Mistakes'.

Philadelphia 76ers Have Stopped Fining Ben Simmons For Missed Games And Practices Now That He Is Missing Time For Personal Reasons

The Ben Simmons saga has played out like the most thrilling of movies at various points throughout this offseason. Simmons and the 76ers have been at odds regarding the former All-Star's future for quite some months now.

When it comes to Simmons, his position has been clear; he no longer wants to play for the Philadelphia 76ers. But, Ben Simmons recently returned to Philly and even took part in some practices. Just when things looked like they could be fixed between the two parties, another bridge seems to have been burnt.

Doc Rivers kicked Simmons out of practice on Monday after the Australian guard refused to enter a drill and looked generally disengaged during the practice session. Rivers told the press that Simmons was a distraction during the session, and that's why he told him to go home.

Given the twists and turns that have taken place over the last week, one thing has become unclear; what exactly does Simmons want? Well, according to Ramona Shelburne of ESPN, Simmons is looking for a fresh start.

In an in-depth piece on ESPN, Shelburne spoke to several people close to Simmons about this entire situation. Apparently, Simmons told Rivers and the 76ers that he felt that his first few years in the team were tough because he was under a bright spotlight. 

And he needs to go somewhere else where his mistakes won't be so heavily scrutinized and he can grow. Another source told Shelburne that Simmons doesn't think he can face the fans or his teammates after how he performed in Game 7 of the series against the Atlanta Hawks.

“His first three years in the league, the Sixers had such a bright spotlight on them and so much early success, he told them, that he didn't feel like he could make the mistakes other top draft picks were afforded. His growing pains were too public and consequential. He needed to start over, he said, in a place where he ‘could make mistakes’.”

“ ‘I don't know if he can face the team or the fans after everything that happened last year,’ one source close to the situation puts it.

The 76ers want to keep Simmons, and run it back with him Joel Embiid at the center of their team. And if they cannot keep him, they want another All-Star level player in exchange for him in any trade package, something they have not been able to bargain for.

Patience seems to be running thin among the 76ers. Joel Embiid aired his frustration about Simmons' demeanor at practice, saying that he doesn't care what he does anymore and that Simmons will only do what he wants. This situation could disrupt the team even more if it doesn't get resolved soon enough.