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Ben Simmons Says He's Going To Start Shooting From Distance When The Season Returns

(via NBC Sports)

(via NBC Sports)

The Philadelphia 76ers had a lot of high hopes for the 2019-20 NBA season. With Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Tobias Harris, they've got the building blocks of a true title contender.

But through the first 65 games, their play has yet to match their talent level. They currently stand at 6th in the conference with a 39-26 record.

And while optimism is quickly dwindling for the Sixers and their chances to make a significant run this postseason, there is a little glimmer of hope for them, and it resides in Ben Simmons. According to the young star, he's been working on his shot and he is going to start pulling it when the season returns later this month.

Here's what he said in an exchange with Tony Snell during one of his workouts:

"Snell: You should be shooting way more. Your shot looks good.

Simmons: Orlando.

Snell: Orlando? I’ll be watching.

Simmons: I’m coming for it."

Keep in mind that this comes after a video (released by the Sixers) included Simmons making a three-pointer from a recent practice.

It seems both Simmons and the team are sending hints that he is going to start launching from deep. So far, that aspect of his game has been his biggest flaw, and it has hurt his team's offensive potential tremendously.

If he can figure out how to hit his shots from beyond the arc, it could change the game for Philadelphia.

For their sake, let's hope Simmons isn't bluffing.