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Ben Simmons' Sister Posts Cryptic Tweet Hinting At A Big Trade On Tuesday

(via Philadelphia Inquirer)

(via Philadelphia Inquirer)

The Philadelphia 76ers have already made a number of big moves in the 2020 offseason, getting rid of a big contract while acquiring some players that directly address some of their biggest needs.

Could something else be on the horizon?

In a tweet by Ben Simmons' sister Liv, she hints at trade news that she says will drop on Tuesday...

She sent a follow-up tweet shortly after, seemingly to downplay the buzz that was quickly picking up steam.

She didn't shed any more light on the trade, or if she was even referring to a specific one at all. The best we can do is wait and see what happens over the next 24 hours.

But even if nothing ends up happening, it's safe to say we can expect the Sixers to be very active in the trade market all season long. As Daryl Morey has made abundantly clear over these past few days, it's that he's not afraid to take risks for the sake of making his team better.

As for Ben, the organization has rallied around him since his debut in 2017, so it's unlikely he ends up on the trade block.

But, hey, you never really know these days -- crazier things have certainly happened this year.