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Ben Simmons Would Need 3587 Seasons To Break Stephen Curry's Three-Point Record

Ben Simmons Would Take 3587 Seasons To Break Stephen Curry's Three-Point Record

Stephen Curry's historic three-point record, which he recently set against the Knicks, was a long time coming. It took Curry 12 years since his debut to be able to break Ray Allen's record. And as things stand, Curry will probably be increasing his lead over the entire NBA over the rest of his career. As things stand, Curry is the record holder and will be for the foreseeable future.

But now the world is wondering whether someone could break his record. So far, there are 5 young NBA players who are on track to surpass Stephen Curry on the all-time three-pointers made list. But what about players who are not great shooters? How long would it take them to surpass Steph Curry?

Instagram pages Buckets and BreakAnklesDaily tried to answer this question, by looking at one of the weakest shooters in the NBA; Ben Simmons. Simmons is a notoriously poor shooter of the ball and attempts very few threes in a game. Keeping Simmons' averages the same, it would take Simmons an extremely long time to break Steph's record.

In fact, it would take Simmons 247,500 games to surpass Stephen Curry's record (as of this writing - 2977). In terms of seasons, Simmons would need 3587 seasons to be able to break Steph's current record. And all things staying the same, Simmons projected date to break Curry's record would be in the year 5608, which is 3587 years from now.

Ben Simmons is probably the last person that the NBA world would expect to break Stephen Curry's record. And for him to realistically achieve this, he would have to turn his shooting form around to an extent that might not be possible for him. And even then, he wouldn't be able to surpass whatever record Curry sets by the time he retires.