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Bill Russell Roasts Charles Barkley After Making A Promise That Celtics Would Win Game 7


Charles Barkley was an absolute monster on the basketball court, but his NBA predictions nowadays have been a bit off. From his promise that Portland was going to sweep the Lakers to his statement that the Clippers would win Game 5 by 20, a Charles Barkley "guarantee" is very far from a guarantee.

Interestingly enough, Celtics legend Bill Russell made a guarantee of his own regarding the Toronto/Boston series, assuring his former would capture the victory.

When his prediction became reality, he made sure to rub Barkley's nose in it in a pretty epic fashion...

As an 11x Champion himself, nobody in NBA history knows more about winning than Bill Russell. Of course, considering his history with the Celtics, it's fair to say he's got some bias going on this postseason -- but he has yet to be proven wrong so far.

The Celtics look good and despite being called underdogs, they are playing at a Championship level on both ends of the floor.

We'll see how they perform going forward, heading into their next match against Miami.