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Bill Simmons Blasts The Lakers For Building Around 3 Guys: "LeBron In Year 19 At 62k Mins, Westbrook In Year 14, And Davis Who Ain’t Exactly Cal Ripken. This Was Always Stupid. From Day One."

Dwight Howard Still Believes LeBron James, Anthony Davis, And Russell Westbrook Can Win Together: "It Takes Time And We Live In A Microwave Society When It Takes Time To Mesh."

The criticisms have continued to come, as the Lakers have not performed to the level many expected. A 16-16 record at this stage of their 2021-22 campaign is less than ideal, and things will not get easier as the season progresses as they have one of the toughest schedule moving forward.

Fans and pundits were shocked when the Lakers announced their offseason acquisitions, with their age being the main area of concern. LeBron James had a good laugh with the memes that surfaced on the internet, but also asked that people keep the same energy when the season starts.

While LeBron has gone above and beyond in his 19th season to help the Lakers win, they have had a hard time as a team. Ringer founder Bill Simmons has come out to take a jab at the organization for how they went about building their roster. Via a tweet, he said:

"The Lakers can’t complain about injuries when they willingly tossed away their depth and built around 3 guys: LeBron in Year 19 at 62k mins, Westbrook in Year 14, and Davis who ain’t exactly Cal Ripken. This was always stupid. From Day One. Now they have no outs."

"Bigger issue for me: what’s Davis at this point?"

"Been saying this on pods for last 5-6 weeks but he’s carrying way too much weight/muscle in my opinion. A semi-alarming career arc for a guy who should be peaking. PPG/FTA/Rebs/BPG down from NO peak, never added 3s, not durable."

LeBron's postgame comment, citing injuries as the reason they lost to the Phoenix Suns, might have led Bill to compile this thread, as he believes the problem will not be solved with a healthy squad.

LeBron is in year 19 but has continued to perform at the highest level. Besides putting together this old squad, LeBron deserves no blame for the poor individual performances of the players. Russell Westbrook believes they can turn things around in the 50 games left, but perhaps it is time to show the fans rather than talk.